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Regulations to be Membership

  1. Each person or entity who desires to become a Member of the Housing Business Association as an ordinary or an extraordinary member, must submit a completed and signed membership application form to the Association’s general secretary with at least 2 endorsements from current active ordinary members.
  2. The general secretary will propose the applicants to the Board of Directors for approval.  The Housing Business Association shall have the right, in its discretion, to accept or reject any applicant for membership.  The Housing Business Association’s general secretary shall notify the applicant of acceptance or rejection within 7 days of the Board of Directors’ decision.
  3. Membership will commence upon the completion of payment for both the registration fee and the annual membership fee. The Housing Business Association reserves the right in its discretion to change the amount of the Membership Fee from time to time.  Membership Fees paid are not refundable under any circumstances.
  4. Corporate Membership must designate a representative who has the authority to act on behalf of the corporation.  Specifically, the proposed Designee must be a bona fide director, officer, partner, shareholder, member, manager or employee of the Corporate Member. A proposed Designee will be subject to approval by the Housing Business Association’s Board of Directors. Proxy is not acceptable.
  5. Membership is considered to be terminated in the following cases :
    1. The death of a Member;
    2. Failure to comply with terms and conditions of membership;
    3. Member resignation via a resignation letter to the Association’s Board of Directors;
    4. Bankruptcy or withdrawal from or cessation of business as a legal entity;
    5. Declared by Court of Law to be legally incompetent or equivalent;
    6. Convicted of a criminal offence;
    7. A quorum of no less than ¾ of the board of directors’ votes in the following cases. i) Intentionally discredits, criticize, ridicule or make any statement which disparages or is derogatory of the Association or of its directors. ii) Fails to pay any of the Association’s dues for over 1 year. iii) Intentionally violates the Association’s rules and regulations.

Duties of Members

  1. Comply and bound by the Association’s rules, regulations and amendments set forth by the board of directors and minutes from the annual general meetings.
  2. Uphold the honor and integrity for the good of the Association.
  3. Assist and support the Association’s activities and nourish continuous progression.
  4. Execute for on time payments to the Association.
  5. Notify of any changes in name, last name, nationality, home or work address, business legal entity, or corporate’s representative in writing within 7 days of the occurrence.

Rights of Members

  1. Receive assistance and support in matters complying with the association’s purposes and objectives set forth.
  2. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors with the notion of enhancing the virtue of the Association.
  3. Inspect the Association’s assets by submitting a written request to the general secretary or acting director on duty.
  4. Attend, express opinions, raise inquiries and propose agenda to the annual general meetings and the extraordinary general meetings.
  5. Only ordinary members have the rights to vote in the annual general meetings or in the extraordinary meetings or be elected to the Association’s board of directors.
  6. Receive news and information on newly announced laws and regulations.
  7. Receive HOUSINGBIZ magazines which summarize up-to-date news and informations on the real estate industry.
  8. Receive special discount for booth purchases at the House and Condos Exposition.
  9. Receive special discount for seminars and dinner talks organized by the Association.

Please download, complete, and forward the application form to 02-440-1276 (facsimile)  or e-mail to  Applicants will be contacted by the Association’s staffs.